Friday, May 4, 2007

Weird science for authors

The fun part of writing a book is you get to put everything you have, into it. Also lots of things you had but no longer have, and things you always wanted.
I've always been a lover of science. If I hadn't been a writer/illustrator I might have been an embryologist. I was always fascinated by the development of the human body, and figured it'd be a neat thing to research for a living. But then I had four kids and just researched them, instead, and did writing and art for a living.
In writing the sequel to the Ellie McDoodle book, I get to revisit some weird science from my past, including
Puff balls, and Touch-me-nots, and some strange insects demonstrating biodiversity.
I can't say more or you won't want to read the book.

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Mayra Calvani said...

Dear Ellie,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting about my new logo. I appreciate that!

I also love science and think it is wonderful to combine science with picture books. Im'n not too much into biology but really love astronomy and cosmology.

I'm adding you blog to my blogroll! I wouldn't mind if you reciprocated! :-)