Monday, August 6, 2007

Harry Potter 6 and 7

~no spoilers, but I can't guarantee others' comments~

I just finished book 6 and 7 within the past 2 weeks.
Say what you will about the adverbs, J.K. Rowling is one fabulous writer.

Things I loved:

The underlying message of love
The richness of her fantastic world
Harry isn't perfect
Neville's and Draco's roles

Things that surprised me:
The ending
Teddy in the epilogue
Albus's middle name in the epilogue
Less "dumbing down" to American English of British idioms and slang in the later books

Things I guessed before they were revealed:
The exact location of the last thing Harry sought
The eventual roles of two major locations
Why two of his friends disappeared near the end

Things that angered and disgusted me:
the revelation about Harry's destiny
Harry's plan against the goblin

Things that annoyed me:
Albus Dumbledore's constant referring to his own apparent brilliance
How a character would say, "This must be the answer" and it was -- when I could think of a half dozen other plausible answers.
"He said, sycophantically." Come on. Who talks like that?

Things I wonder about:
Did JKR tell filmmakers what items or characters would be important in later books? Or did she leave it to chance that they would include the most significant bits of her incredibly long stories?

Right after reading book 6 I was depressed for a day. I dreaded the ending of book 7 and the end of the series.
The recurring theme of death in the Harry Potter books reminds me of my own losses, some of them connected to Harry, actually, and it's painful. And the world has put a huge investment of time into reading the books. I'm a slow reader (despite doing well in speed reading in college) and my list of books to read is longer than my list of books I want to write.

I can survive in a world without a new Harry Potter book on the way, but it'll take me a little time to get used to it.

Now, back to my own writing...

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Casey_G said...

I believe she has commentary where she addresses this with movie 4. From what I heard she did not tell the director who would be important in later books or point out important plot details that could be emphasized more, but she was pleasantly surprised by their choices.