Saturday, July 5, 2008

Does life ever slow down?

Does life ever slow down? And would I want it to? No, and no, I guess.

(from an Attwood Elementary School Field Day 2008 sign; this year's theme was Ellie McDoodle! Last year's was Dr. Suess)

Ellie 2 is out! Ellie McDoodle: New Kid in School is on bookstore and library shelves right NOW. Buy it! Borrow it! Read it!

I think it's a better book than the first. The first reviews are in, and they agree. It's the best I could make it... which means there's plenty of room for improvement. ;)

The book launch party at Schuler Books in Eastwood Towne Center last weekend went FANTASTIC. We had more people than chairs -- I was truly heartened (and surprised -- expected about 3 people there, and even told Jim at Schulers to only set up 3 chairs. He laughed and set up 40). My friend Lori reports on the event here.
Ellie and Er-ick play tug-o-war on a sign at the Attwood Field Day

I'm working on a few other book projects right now. When my wonderful-beautiful-brilliant (honestly, she is all that) editor says those magic words, "What do you have for the next Ellie book?" I'll be ready. In the meantime, I'm working on a book for older kids and a book for younger kids.

I've done a zillion sketches this summer, but haven't scanned many in because I've been too busy with other obligations.
Here are two sketches from my cousin's Ordination as a Priest, in May.

It was a fascinating ceremony, held in downtown Detroit at a lovely cathedral. Here's Father Charles, no longer Chuck:

Our car is in the shop, the first loaner car died (same problem as our car, ironically), and now the second loaner car is dead. I'm distressed; I missed a crit group meeting this morning and will probably miss my friend's birthday party this afternoon.
Crying doesn't help, so I'm writing (working on a book about a kid in NYC).
And, when I need a break, I pull pranks on my kid.
I'm laughing at the moment, because she just walked into my studio dressed like me! And talking like me! And it's hysterical.

Got time on your hands because your car isn't working?
Her book just went into a second printing -- and it's only been out a couple months.
And read this: Ann Finkelstein's blog.
And this one: Lori Van Hoesen's blog.
And check out this site: That's April.

These are all brilliant writers in my crit group. (Tim, Amy and Kay don't have blogs yet)
I love them so much I put their pictures in my second Ellie book. Page 7.

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Debbie Diesen said...

And we love YOU so much that if you were to call us in the midst of critique group and say, "Come get me, my car died," we'd drop our biscotti in a flash, pile into the smallest of our cars (for comic effect -- going for the Clowns In A Tiny Car circus maneuver) and arrive en masse to get you.

We missed you today. Put us on speed dial.