Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March is Reading Month!

This is a busy time of year for many authors. In the Great Lakes area, it's Reading Month.
Here's my author visit schedule:

March 5 Fri Lone Pine Elementary in West Bloomfield

March 1-4 Charlie jury duty (whew. Called in every day but he didn't get a trial)

March 10 Wed E E Knight Elementary in Ovid Elsie

March 11 Thu Hillside Elementary in Harrison (Clare County)

March 15 Mon Central Academy in Ann Arbor

March 17 Wed Vowles Elementary in Mt. Pleasant

March 18 Thu Elmhhurst Elementary in Lansing

March 20-22 Michigan Reading Association Conference at Cobo Hall in Detroit

March 24 Wed Horizon Elementary in Holt

March 27 Sat 4 to 6 pm Michigan Author Day at Barnes & Noble in Grandville

March 30 Tu Family Lit Night at Holly Academy in Holly

April 1 Thu Bartlett School in South Lyon

April 6 Tue 2pm Ann Arbor library - Pittsfield branch

April 11 Sun fly to Texas

April 12-13 MonTues The Woodlands school visit

April 14-16 Texas Library Association conference in San Antonio

April 25-28 International Reading Association Conference in Chicago

April 29-May 2 Thu-Sun Agent's writer retreat in Chicago

May 11-12 Tue-Wed Battle Creek schools

We're halfway through March already, and so far my author visits are going well. The kids are enthusiastic and attentive, the teachers and staff are helpful and friendly, and the school walls are decorated with fabulous student art.

I'm juggling a few other things, too: I'm working on a novel about a girl who likes to read and am playing with a picturebook about a mischievous cat. (Mostly it's the novel. I promise, Erin. <- agent who asks, at the end of every email, "So how's that novel?")
The novel is going pretty well. It's a little scary because the process is very different from writing the Ellie McDoodle books. I'll be seeing Erin next month, so I don't really have a choice: I have to have a lot done before then. Yikes.

Besides being an author, I'm also busy being a mom. My daughter's middle school volleyball team has its last game on Thursday. Charlie and I have managed to go to most of the games. It's been fun cheering for the team and learning the girls' names and embarrassing our kid (by cheering for the team and learning the girls' names... sometimes I think just the fact that I exist embarrasses her).
We're off to see The Lightning Thief movie pretty soon because I managed to squeeze into this busy month the task of reading the first book in Rick Riordan's series. It's our daughter's favorite book, and I feel generally compelled to read whatever impresses her.
Very good book, worth giving up a little sleep. (Maybe I can learn a few things from Riordan)

And now, I'm off to catch a favorite tv show and then to bed. Gotta get up early; it's a long drive to Mt. Pleasant in the morning. :)

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Boni Ashburn said...

Ruth! You're AMAZING. I wish I had just half of your talent and success! Rock on woman :)

p.s. Kids at my school visits are LOVING your dragon!