Friday, February 22, 2008

Five Random Things About Me

Fiona Bayrock tagged me to play this game.
Here are 5 random things about me:

1. I'm a pretty good harmonica player.

2. Most of my best friends have died young.

3. I collect cool containers, almost obsessively.

4. I have A.D.D. and it's sometimes a pain to deal with. Oh, look! A chicken!

5. I roll little pieces of Kleenex between my fingers to make tiny balls. I'm compulsive about this -- have been since I was 4. I always figured I was the only person in the world who did it... until my grandson was born. He does it too.

I tag these 5 people: Barb Johansen Newman, Elizabeth Dulemba, Kim Norman, Karen Lee, and Sherry Rogers.


Kim Bookwriter said...

Hi Ruth, how fun! Yes, it's a busy day; I'm transmitting two 24-page publications today, but who cares -- I need a distraction!
Once again I'm amazed at our similarities. Girl, we've got to do a harmonica duet sometime!
And while I'm a little ADD, (especially with my housekeeping), I'm totally OCD (except about my housekeeping, unfortunately.)
Thanks for tagging me!


Fiona Bayrock said...

Kim and Ruth doing a harmonica duet? Oh, I can't miss that!

Thanks for joining in the fun, you two!


Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

Cool - I can do campfire songs, Christmas carols, nursery songs, a little bit of classical, and my specialty: Irish drinking songs.
I'm OCD too -- used to drive myself nuts trying to make things "even" or psyche out the universe on a decision. I've relaxed as I've gotten older, but I totally understand Monk and "As Good as It Gets." And, it just occurred to me, the over-analyzing I do makes it pretty obvious I *haven't* relaxed. Sigh.
Nice to hear from you both! Barb's crazy busy but she's doing 5 Things too.
Hugs to you. <3

Christine Tripp said...

Oh, look! A chicken!

THIS is why you write... THAT was funny:)
Not to be left out, no compulsive disorders but I do have dyslexia... it's something at least:)
#5? Well my brother didn't do kleenex but he would pull "fluff" off things like rugs and blankets and roll the fluff thing between his fingers while sucking his thumb... thankfully my brother doesn't own a computer and I can say things like this. He collected it too, in a little wooden box.

Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

"He collected it."
I wish I could say that's weird and I have no concept of what you're talking about, but I can't. I'm sure it's an anxiety thing. I can't remember ever *not* being anxiety-ridden.
Dyslexia is nothing to sneeze at, Chris. It's such a hurdle. Kudos to you. :)