Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm writing the sequel to Ellie McDoodle.

Ellie's in a new school in a new city and has all new friends and rivals.

The manuscript is due May 1.

I'm making good progress, but have had an increasingly agonizing feeling that something needed help. Something wasn't working.

For days I've been wringing my hands, staring into space, wrestling with my conscience about whether it was right to watch tv or read email or do *anything* other than slave over the book and its elusive but vital plot elements.

Finally today the right idea came. The answer is: The Lunchroom Debacle. What's the question? Well, that's the rest of the story, which now has a climax, some fun twists, and a reason for existing.

It'll still be an enormous challenge to get it done by May 1.

But at least it's no longer impossible. :)

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jamie cosley said...

I'm going to buy your book!! Hopefully at my local Borders!!