Friday, April 13, 2007

Buy this book!

Yesterday two of my kids and I took a road trip to Grand Rapids to see my book on sale in Pooh's Corner bookstore. Three things hit me.
1) Pooh's Corner is an adorable store, with giant trees climbing up the center posts and original art adorning the walls. I bet kids love it.
2) The staff is very knowledgeable about kids' books. If you need a gift for an 11 year old boy who's a reluctant reader who loves -- well, you name it -- they know the book to buy.
3) The pride I feel in first seeing MY BOOK there on the shelves -- and selling -- is unforgettable. It's not quite the same as seeing your kindergartener perform in the school pageant. Maybe it's a close second.

Peeking in the front door of the store, this is what I saw:

That's my book!
It's displayed with sketchbooks and doodle pads and pens. (smart!)
And it's also on the wall with the new books.
I was going to test one of the staff members, and ask for a suggestion for a 10-year-old girl, and see if she recommended my book. But she recognized me from a recent SCBWI conference and said hello instead.

While I was there, a librarian bought my book!
I was asked to sign it.
My very first real book signing. (Oakview Library? Oakville? I'm sorry; I was so busy being amazed, my brain cells flew out the door)

I bought 6 books, including a copy of my book for me.
Yes, I already have a box of books at home. But buying my own book in a real bookstore is too big a thrill to pass up.


Courtney said...

many, many congrats, mrs. ruth! it's great to see you blogging. :)

"e" said...

Long deserved reward, this.
I'm so happy for you!!

karen lee said...

Hi Ruth - wonderful for you.

love, Karen

Lyon said...

Way to go, Ruth. I do expect my own autographed copy when we next meet. I told my librarian to order it, too!

Love and hugs,

Kathy Weller said...

Ooh your post makes me dewy-eyed. I can feel your joy!! Congratulations Ruth!!!!! :):):)