Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Put down the scissors!

Today I cut my hair.
I do this whenever I get a peculiar sort of restlessness that is only made better by doing something drastic and permanent.
The good news is I am getting better at this, having done it for, oh, gosh, about (counting fingers), well, ever since college.
The bad news is I am still not a professional.

BEFORE the fit of pique:

admittedly it is
and too long.

AFTER the fit of pique:

Well, it's
messy but
it's no longer

Right after cutting a few inches off my hair, I found the exact right words for the first three sentences for the picturebook I have been pouring my heart into for the past six weeks, PLUS a title.

Obviously, then, this strategy works.

But I have revisions for the Ellie McDoodle sequel due this summer.
And I am running out of hair.


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks terrific Ruth!

Courtney said...

I have "trimmed" my hair a few times and it has never looked as good as that. Barbies might be a good investment if you want something to work out your frustrations. Maybe I'll try that.

Larry Eisenstein said...

I'm into pre-pique ruth. She's hot!
Short and messy says 'sessy'. Right? Very close to sassy no? Hi Ruth. :)

Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

You guys are fun. :)