Friday, July 20, 2007

Why I don't often bother with cameras

I sketch a lot. I rarely had a camera on me, for many years. But I always had a sketchbook on me, so all those school field trips and parties and campouts are pretty much represented by quick sketches rather than photos.

A few months ago I bought a digital camera, thinking it'd be handy for capturing things to eventually paint or sketch.

And I thought I might finally get some group shots of my kids.
How nice it would be to send real photos to friends so they could see how the kids are growing, rather than just sending cartoons.

I didn't realize trying to get photos of all of the kids together, smiling nicely, would be like herding cats.

Here are my kids in the best photo I could find to send to a dear friend who travels a lot and hasn't seen them in a few years...
(the one in the middle, who is almost behaving, is my grandson. Obviously this goofiness is inherited)


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